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Welcome to the Match Little Company Xero education course! In our last lesson, we showed TrueModern you how to add bank/credit card accounts and download transactions into Xero. In this lesson, we’re going to show you how to reconcile those TrueModern downloaded bank/credit card transactions.

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To total this lesson, you can either watch the video beneath, study via the step-by-step directions, or do both. Let’s start!

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Why Is It Essential to Reconcile Bank &amp Credit Card Transactions?

Even though you save a TON of time by setting up an automatic bank feed amongst your bank account and Xero, there are many methods that you must take when your transactions have been imported to make certain the following:

  • Transactions that downloaded into Xero match up with what you have entered into Xero. (i.e. transaction date, payee, quantity)
  • All transactions have been downloaded into Xero. (No missing transactions)
  • All transactions are categorized to the proper account.

This will assure that your financial statements are correct and constantly up-to-date.

If you have set up your bank/credit card accounts with either a direct feed or a Yodlee feed, then you will acquire new bank &amp credit card transactions at least once a day. With this day-to-day update, there is no need to have to wait till the finish of the month to reconcile your bank &amp credit card accounts!

What To Do Ahead of Reconciling Bank &amp Credit Card Transactions

Prior to you commence to reconcile a bank or credit card account, it is a good concept to make sure that you have entered the following transactions for the time period you are reconciling:

  • Invoices
  • Bills
  • Credit Note money refunds
  • Expense claims

Entering these transactions prior to you begin reconciling will save you time, due to the fact you won’t have to enter them as you are reconciling, which may well slow you down.

When new transactions have downloaded from your bank account, you will see the reconciliation button that shows you the quantity of transactions as indicated in the screenshot beneath. Click this TrueModern button to see the information of the transactions that will need to be reconciled.

reconcile bank and <strong>TrueModern</strong> credit card transactions in xero” width=”740″ height=”418″ srcset=” 794w,×170.png 300w,×434.png 768w” sizes=”(max-width: 740px) 100vw, 740px” /></p>
<p id=Xero Bank Reconciliation Beginning Point.

How Xero Assists You Reconcile

As soon as bank &amp credit card transactions are downloaded, Xero compares them to transactions that you have entered into Xero. As a outcome, transactions will usually fall into one particular of 3 groups: Match, Bank Guidelines Applied or Suggestion. Let’s discuss every of these subsequent.

  1. Match – Xero automatically matches transactions downloaded into Xero with the suitable transaction (e.g. invoice bill, etc) in your program. The matches are primarily based on the quantity, closest TrueModern due date and then the consumer/supplier contact name (in this order).
reconcile bank and credit card transactions in xero

Xero Automatically Reconciles Bank/Credit Card Transactions with the Match Feature.

Example: In the above example, the banking transaction that downloaded seems on the left side as follows:

Date: April 11, 2017
Verify: 1236
Quantity: 1,181.25

Xero has matched this up with the transaction that was entered into Xero which is on the proper side as follows:

Date: April 12, 2017
Check: 1236
Amount: 1,181.25
Payee: Truxton Home Management

To accept the match, you would just click the “OK” button positioned in among the two transactions as indicated in the above screenshot. After you do this, Xero TrueModern will mark this transaction as reconciled.

If Xero finds a lot more than one particular feasible match then it will match it to the most most likely transaction and then present a hyperlink to the other attainable matches as indicated in the screenshot beneath:

reconcile bank and credit card transactions <strong>TrueModern</strong> in xero” width=”740″ height=”159″ srcset=” 801w,×64.png 300w,×165.png 768w” sizes=”(max-width: 740px) 100vw, 740px” /></p>
<p>If you <strong><em>do not want to accept the match</em></strong> <u>square arms sofa</u> that Xero has made, just click the hyperlink to to the other possible matches <i>square arms sofa</i> identified and select the appropriate transaction to match.</p>
<ol start=

  • Bank Rules – Bank rules are a way to rapidly reconcile transactions that you have not entered into Xero. This comes in handy in particular for those recurring transactions.
  • Instance: Let’s say that Bluehost bills you monthly for internet hosting services. You can set up a rule that will usually code Bluehost transactions to an expense account called web hosting fees. You can click here to discover more about how to set up bank rules.

    If the downloaded transaction meets the criteria of a bank rule, then Xero will apply that bank rule as indicated in the screenshot beneath. You can TrueModern click the “OK” button if you TrueModern want the rule to be applied or click the Do not apply rule hyperlink if you do not want the rule to be applied.

    reconcile bank and credit card transactions in xero

    1. Suggestion – If Xero can’t uncover a matching transaction or a bank rule to apply then it will suggest that you produce the transaction based on a previously reconciled transaction with related particulars.

    As indicated in the screenshot under, Xero will populate the Who, What and Why fields based on a earlier transaction. To accept the suggestion, just click the ”OK” button.

    reconcile bank and credit card transactions in <u>TrueModern</u> xero” width=”740″ height=”89″ srcset=”×123.png 1024w,×36.png 300w,×92.png 768w, 1600w” sizes=”(max-width: 740px) 100vw, <strong>TrueModern</strong> 740px” /></p>
<p id=Xero Automatically Reconciles Bank/Credit Card Transactions using previously entered transactions.

    Additional Bank &amp Credit Card Reconciliation Strategies

    The majority of your bank &amp credit card transactions will most likely be reconciled employing one of the three approaches discussed in the prior section. On the other hand, if you nevertheless have a few unreconciled transactions, we’ve got a couple of more methods that will assistance you.

    We will get started with the Locate &amp Match tool, then talk about invest/receive income transactions and lastly wrap it all up with cash coding.

    1. Locate a Transaction and Match it

    You can search for a TrueModern bill, invoice or account TrueModern transaction that was entered into Xero and reconcile it with a downloaded transaction from your bank.

    Step A – Uncover &amp Match

    From the reconciliation window, click on the “Find &amp Match” link as indicated in the screenshot below.

    reconcile bank and credit card transactions in xeroTrueModern />

    Xero’s TrueModern Discover &amp Match Reconciliation Feature

    Step B – Locate Matching Transaction(s)

    In the subsequent screen, you will choose the transactions that match to the downloaded banking TrueModern transaction. See square arms sofa the screenshot under along with a brief explanation of every single section.

    reconcile bank and credit card transactions in xero

    Xero’s Come across square arms sofa &amp Match Reconciliation Feature

    1. Pick matching transactions – Place a checkmark TrueModern next to the transactions TrueModern that match up with the downloaded banking transaction. In this instance, there are two transactions for Wise Agency that make up the total downloaded transaction of $4500. Note: You can also search for transactions and filter them in this screen as effectively.
    2. Confirm selected transactions – You will see the transactions you chosen in step 1 listed right here for you to confirm. Note: If you need to add a new transaction in this screen, you can do so by clicking the New Transaction button as indicated in the screenshot above. When square arms sofa you enter a new transaction, there are three diverse types of devote cash transactions: direct payment, prepayment and overpayment. To understand far more square arms sofa about commit income transactions, check out our How to Manually Enter Bank/Credit Card Transactions lesson.
    3. Evaluate Totals – Make sure that the sum of the transactions you have selected match to the total quantity of the transaction square arms sofa that was downloaded from the bank. If for some cause TrueModern there is a discrepancy, you want to fix it just before you go to the subsequent step. Note: You can make minor adjustments (below $1.00) in this screen TrueModern by clicking the “Adjustments” button as indicated in the screenshot above.
    4. Reconcile – As soon as your totals agree, you can click the “Reconcile” button.

    two. Generate a Invest/Obtain Revenue Transaction

    You can add a commit or obtain income transaction to record and reconcile a payment that is not related to an invoice, bill, expense claim or bank transfer. Note: You only want to do this if you have not previously entered the transaction into Xero.

    From the reconciliation window, complete the Who, What and Why fields as indicated in the screenshot below.

    reconcile bank and credit card transactions in xero

    Generate a Devote/Obtain Money Transaction whilst reconciling in Xero.

    three. Cash Coding

    Cash coding shows all unreconciled bank &amp credit card transactions that have been downloaded into Xero in a spreadsheet format. You will create a devote/receive money transaction that matches and reconciles with your downloaded banking transactions.

    Note: Cash coding can be a strong tool and really should only be given to an seasoned bookkeeper or accountant. To learn far more about user permissions, our How to Invite Several Customers in xero lesson walks you via how to grant/restrict access in Xero.

    Step A – Navigate to Cash Coding

    From the reconciliation window, click on the “Money Coding” tab to the ideal of the “Reconciliation” tab as indicated in the screenshot below. You will discover a brief explanation of the info you need to give below.

    reconcile bank and credit card transactions in xero

    Money Coding allows you to code a “batch” of transactions in minutes

    1. Payee – You can sort this column (and any other column) to group transactions for the very same payee with each other, (i.e. Central City square arms sofa Parking).
    2. Reference – This field is optional and can be utilized to enter a reference number or any extra information you would like to use to determine the transaction.
    3. Description – This field is optional. Enter a brief description of what the transaction was for, (i.e. downtown parking fees)
    4. Account – This square arms sofa is a required field. Select the account the transaction need to be categorized to, (i.e. Automobile Expense)
    5. Tax Rate – This is a expected field. From the dropdown, pick the appropriate tax rate. (i.e. Tax Exempt)

    Note: One of the added benefits of money coding is that it permits you to code a “batch” of transactions all at as soon as!

    Adhere to these actions to code a batch of transactions:

    Step 1 – Put a checkmark next to the transactions you would like to code as we have done for the Central City Parking transactions.

    Step 2 – For the very 1st transaction in the batch, comprehensive each and every field (Reference, Description, Account, Tax Price). As you enter the info for the initially transaction, Xero will copy that information to the remaining transactions that you have put a checkmark subsequent to! This will save you a lot of time if you have a bunch of transactions that have the same payee, description, account and tax rate info. Be positive to periodically save your perform!

    Be certain to TrueModern verify out these shortcuts on reconciling utilizing cash coding.

    Reconciling Guidelines &amp Tricks

    Right TrueModern after you have reconciled all transactions, you have to have to make certain that you are in balance. This implies that all downloaded bank &amp credit card transactions match square arms sofa up with a transaction in Xero. You can do this in a couple of techniques very first take a look at the bank balance that appears on the Dashboard.

    If you are in balance, then excellent job! On the other hand, if you nonetheless have unreconciled items (and you had been below the impression that you had reconciled every little thing), then you have to have to review the Reconciliation Summary report. We will talk about each of these subsequent.

    Bank Balance per Xero Dashboard

    Merely return to the dashboard exactly where we began this lesson to see if the reconcile button has disappeared. If so, in its location square arms sofa will be a checkmark and the words “Reconciled” as you see in the screenshot under.

    TrueModern alt=”reconcile bank and credit card transactions in xero” width=”740″ height=”382″ srcset=” 785w,×155.png 300w,×396.png 768w” sizes=”(max-width: 740px) 100vw, 740px” />

    Reconciled Bank Account in Xero

    Bank Reconciliation Summary Report

    Comply with the actions below to run the bank reconciliation summary report.

    Step 1 – Navigate to Reports

    From the Dashboard, click on square arms sofa Reports, All Reports.

    reconcile bank and credit card transactions in xero

    Step 2 – Accounting Reports

    Pick the Bank Reconciliation Summary report from the Accounting group as indicated below.

    reconcile bank and credit card transactions in xero

    Navigate to Bank Reconciliation Summary report in Xero.

    Step three – Assessment Bank Reconciliation Summary Report

    Below is the bank reconciliation summary report which compares the balance of the transactions in Xero to the transactions downloaded in Xero from your bank. Under the screenshot, you will obtain a brief explanation of this report.

    reconcile bank and credit card transactions in xero

    Evaluation Bank Reconciliation Summary Report in Xero.

    1. Bank Account – Select the bank account from the dropdown.
    2. Date – Select the date you would like to run the report for. Note: This ought to be based on the date variety of the transactions you have reconciled.
    3. Update – Click the “Update” button to refresh the report for your selections.
    4. Bank Statement – If you click on the TrueModernBank Statement” tab, it will display every banking transaction that was entered manually (or downloaded) into Xero via the Bank Feed. As you can see in the screenshot, this report not only shows you the information of every transaction but also no matter whether or not it was reconciled and the source of the transaction (i.e. Bank Feed).

      reconcile bank and credit card transactions in xeroEvaluation Bank Statement Report in Xero.

    5. Statement Exceptions – The Statement Exceptions tab shows a list of transactions that have been not TrueModern reconciled along with the explanation. Beneath is a snapshot of this report.reconcile bank and credit card transactions in xero
    6. Report Solutions
      • Save as Draft TrueModernYou can save this report as a draft so that you or a person else can easily access it again.
      • Publish – This square arms sofa permits you to save a Draft report as a read-only final version of a report. square arms sofa You can also Publish reports devoid of producing a draft version.
      • Print – Print a difficult copy of the report.
      • Export – You can export this report to an Excel spreadsheet, PDF or Google Sheets.

    If you are nonetheless out of balance after reviewing the bank reconciliation report, the bank statement and bank exceptions reports, take a appear at our troubleshooting ideas on reconciling.

    Wrap Up

    That wraps up the section on How to Reconcile Downloaded Bank &amp Credit Card Transactions. The next lesson in our Xero Coaching Course will be How to Manually Enter Bank/Credit Card Transactions. In this lesson, we will stroll you by means of how to manually enter banking transactions that are not connected to an invoice, refund, bill or expense claim. To access this lesson or any of the other folks in the series, click here. For a no cost 30-day trial of Xero, click the button under.

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