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In its Visual Networking Index White Paper, Cisco claims that 80% of the global online traffic will be video by 2019. If you are an on the net marketer, this is one ride you do not want to miss. Hop on board reversible modular sectional with these 16 video advertising and marketing statistics that you ought to know.

1. How numerous hours of video do individuals watch per day?

Internet customers around the world combined now watch one billion hours of video each and every day. (Supply: Youtube 2017)

video marketing statistics

two. What is the excellent video length to get the most engagement?

Videos up to two minutes extended get the most engagement. Engagement is steady up to 2 minutes, which implies a 90-second video will hold the viewer’s interest as significantly as a 30-second video. (Source: Wistia 2016)

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Source: Wistia

3. What % of on-line customers search for videos about a item or service just before going to an actual shop?

Roughly 5 out of ten users appear for Ebern Designs videos connected to a item or service just before going to a retailer. (Source: ThinkWithGoogle)

four. Do videos influence a user’s want to buy?

Yes, they do due to the fact shoppers who view videos are 1.81 instances far more likely to buy than non-viewers. (Supply: Adobe)

5. What percent of corporations use video as a advertising tool?

61% of companies reported they use video as a marketing and advertising tool. Of these, 66% had been not making use of video a year ago. (Supply: Wyzowl 2016)

6. How productive are videos in maintaining a customer interested in a organization?

Extremely efficient because 25% of shoppers essentially lose interest in a firm if it doesn’t have video. (Supply: Animoto)

7. What form of content material has the ideal return on investment?

52% of advertising experts worldwide claim reversible modular sectional that video is the kind of content with very best ROI ahead of articles, pictures, infographics, or audio Ebern Designs content material. (Supply: Syndacast)
video marketing statistics

8. If a marketer wishes to rank on the very first web page of Google search, should he use a video or text report?

Involving the two, go for video mainly because it is 52 times more most likely to show up on page 1 of Google search result than a text short article. (Source: Unbounce)

9. Do videos assist in driving traffic to a web site?

A landing page with a video has a 41% greater reversible modular sectional click reversible modular sectional via rate than plain text. As a result, it aids drive website traffic to a web page. (Source: Animaker)

10. If videos drive site visitors, do they also improve conversion rates?

They do. Video on landing pages can enhance conversion by extra than 80%. reversible modular sectional (Supply: Vidyard 2016)

11. In social media, which kind of content material generates much more shares?

Videos are the runaway winner, creating 1200% extra shares than text and photos combined. (Supply: Brightcove 2017)

video marketing statistics

12. Will integrating videos to the marketing technique enhance CTR and conversion prices?

Yes, it will. Organizations that integrate videos to their marketing and advertising approach reversible modular sectional have 27% larger CTR and 34% greater web conversion prices than providers that do not. reversible modular sectional (Source: Adstage 2017)

13. Are videos successful at encouraging users to click on marketing and advertising e-mails?

If you want your prospects to take action, then incorporate a video to your e-mails. Study shows that it may well lead to a 200-300% raise in click-by way of price. (Supply: SmallBizTrends 2016)
video marketing statistics

14. Are video ads helpful in persuading viewers to buy?

They are actually incredibly productive as Ebern Designs enjoyment of video ads final results to an boost in buy intent by 97%. Ebern Designs (Supply: Hubspot 2016)

15. How do firms employing video marketing and advertising outperform these who do not in terms of revenues?

Brands that use video promoting grow their year-more than-year revenue 49% faster than brands that do not. (Source: Aberdeen)

16. What percentage of mobile shoppers share videos?

92% of mobile video consumers share videos wit other individuals. (Source: Yum Yum Videos)

Bottom Line

Video advertising is the new frontier and on line marketers should really be swift to adapt to this trend. What do you assume about these video marketing statistics? Let us know in the comment section below.

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